The Town

Low down in the L’Aquila province, on the slopes of its namesake mountain, Prezza has rested since the early Middle Ages. One of the less explored settlements to populate the picturesque Abruzzo landscape, this rustic village is largely undisturbed by tourism. Viewed from afar, Prezza resembles a relic - still, untouched and frozen in time. Its streets wind their way up and down the sloping hillside, and its green surroundings seem wild. There are no cars in the residential centre of the village, contributing to the hush in the air.

Ski resorts are less than an hour away from Prezza. Mountain and road biking, climbing, hiking, rafting and more are there for the choosing. Lovers of the outdoors inspired by their surroundings may take guided lessons in nature photography.

Experience the unspoiled Italy, visit Prezza.


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